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Automotive Service – Car Key Programming


Did you know that most vehicle from the 1990's to present day have a little microchip in the head of the key that must be programmed in order to start the car?

Immobilizer Key Programming

On your way to work, already late, still managing to drive within the speed limit. Stopped to get a coffee along the way, and on getting back to your 2018 Honda Accord Sport, you just couldn’t find your car key again. There is another 2018 Honda Accord Sport parked just beside yours and luckily matches the cuts to turn the locks, but you still can’t ignite the car even with the other car’s key. Do you know why? It’s the microchip in your car key!

Microchips or transponder keys are keys with an inserted chip. These chips possess a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that only your car recognizes. They also ensure your car is safe even while it is parked unmonitored. They are mounted inside a glass or plastic case and embedded in your car keys. With their distinctive codes, which separate them from other keys, they can not be not easily swapped. Car keys are exceptionally delicate due to these microchips. Yes, our keys must be kept with the utmost care, but sometimes, mishaps occur. Currently, only a few car owners are aware of this embedded microchip. Consequently, a lot of people do not take extra care with their keys. This has resulted in the loss of their car keys and, by implication, the microchip inside. Fixing this requires the service of immobilizer key programming. This is because your car will not recognize any other key, even if it’s taken from a similar car product and model. The microchip of your car key customizes the key for you such that it is only it that can ignite your car.

The thing about a damaged or misplaced key is that you do not understand how big a problem that tiny object could pose until it stops working. But not to worry, The Key Guys is here for your services. Some of the few factors that can damage your car keys include contact with water and/or physical damage (like your cute little dog chewing on it). When your car key gets damaged by either of these two events, your car might not recognize the key again. When this happens, it can only be fixed by reprogramming, and that’s where we come in. At The Key Guys, we offer immobilizer key programming services to help you generate new transponders.

We offer programming as well as reprogramming service of transponder key for your car. 
Some popular car manufacturers with whom we have exhibited a 100% success rate include but are not limited to:

  • Honda

  • Nissan

  • Jeep

  • Jaguar

  • Hyundai

  • Infiniti

  • Acura

  • And many others

We pride ourselves on the effectiveness and speed with which our services are rendered, employing the most recent quality products while offering the best rates in the market. Yes, our company does not take advantage of the urgency of your situation to bill you unnecessarily. What matters most to us are the satisfactory reviews we keep acclaiming from our clients over the years. And we hope to keep going forward on that same path.

Why use us?


We provide our clients with quality and effective locksmith services. At The Key Guys, experts with a wealth of knowledge on key programming have been put in place to efficiently solve problems related to various key types, including doors, cars, and motorcycles. Our automobile services speak for themselves to which our customers can attest.


We are well aware that car problems are of utmost priority since almost all of our daily activities depend on them. We also know how daunting it could be when one realizes he’s not mobile anymore. Therefore, we strive to provide a swift response, help save time, and get you back on the road in no time through our efficient locksmith Services.


Ask around, our customer service is second to none, and over the years, our utmost priority at The Key Guys has been customer satisfaction. That is why we enjoy several referrals from our clients because of the good work we have done for them, and we hope to continue in this manner. To enjoy our optimum services too, all you have to do is reach out to us. We endeavor to deliver top-notch services no matter the circumstances or requirements.

Are you in need of locksmith service for that damaged door key? Does your car not beep again when you press the remote? Could it be that the transponder stopped functioning, or your car no longer recognizes your key’s unique code? Worry no more; allow us to carry that burden for you. With our professional immobilizer key programming service at The Key Guys, you can enjoy absolute peace.

We see to it that you are back on the road in your cars, trucks, and motorcycles in no time and at a reduced cost than employing the services of a car dealer or a repair shop. Though we are professionals, we are also affordable!

At The Key Guys, we are dedicated to providing reliable and instantaneous professional immobilizer key programming service. We help you make it in time for that multimillion-dollar appointment!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us Today!

When others can't, We can!

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