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Automotive Service – Automotive Keys


If you ever need to have your keys replaced or have a spare key cut for you, The Key Guys is the right locksmith service. We are a highly trained professional locksmiths; no matter what type of key you want, you can count on us to get it made for you in the shortest time possible and at the best rates on the market. We make standard automotive keys, high-security keys, and transponder/smart keys.

Standard Keys

Are you stranded because of a lost key? Or is your key broken? You do not have to stress and worry anymore. Our locksmiths are just a call away from getting you a new key in record time. If you are in the Treasure Valley and need to have new keys cut for you because of an emergency or need replacement keys to avoid difficult situations, you can always reach out to us. You do not have to have that awkward and frustrating wait in your car anymore.

High-Security Keys

To improve overall car security, we have had various improvements in car keys. If we are right, you are most likely using a high-security key now. The more high-tech features your car has, the more high-tech keys you need. High-security keys aim to provide an added level of security for your car, and they do this admirably well. Due to their sophistication, when your key goes missing, replacing it might become a tug of war. High-security keys now use laser, radar, and other new forms of security technology, which makes them very difficult to come by. What these new high-security keys cover for in security affects their durability. Unlike standard keys, high-security keys are fragile and can stop working from a fall that a standard key would endure unscathed. Due to their special features, replacing a missing or damaged high-security key can be very expensive.

At The Key Guys, we have just what you need to avoid the heart attack of hearing the extremely high prices of your dealer. We stock various high-security keys for quick and seamless replacement when you either lose a key or have a damaged one. If your choice of services is a new key, we can easily set that up for you, and if you want an old key reprogrammed, you can trust us to deliver on this too. From cutting, programming to the replacement of high-security keys, we provide you with a reliable and affordable automotive keys and FOBs source. Call us to get a replacement for your car keys any time of the day.

Transponder/Smart Keys

At The Key Guys, we have stocked a wide range of transponder keys to allow easy replacement. If you have a missing transponder/smart key, you can easily reach out to us for replacements. We are reliable, and we can get your keys to you within a few minutes of contacting us regardless of the brand of your car. If you want something even less pricey, we can have your old broken keys and cut new ones from them. The size of the vehicle does not matter; whether you own a truck or a bike, you use metal or transponder keys, you lost your keys, or they are broken, The Key Guys is the fastest and most reliable locksmith you can trust in the Treasure Valley. You will get your keys on time, relieving you of stress and getting you back into action in no time at all. You don’t have to panic during an emergency; The Key Guys have your back.

We are not just in the business of making your keys; we are in the business of saving you time and getting you back on track with your activities with little or no stress.

When others can't, We can!

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